Sunday, November 27, 2016

Sunday Gunporn & a backstory: I will start by saying that I had the fortunate opportunity to pick up this unfired pistol from a local gun dealer in my same state about three years ago. The date code is 1997, though the gun had never been shot and I picked it up in 2013. There was a private collector who was selling off some of his things and I was tipped off that they had one of these. I was given a price that was about half of what they were going for at this point in time. I immediately paid for the weapon and received it just two days later as the dealer was a few hours north so we figured shipping would just be easier. I have since put about 500 rds through it. It is an amazing gun as far as the intended "compensator" is concerned. The compensator weighs about 3/4LB and lessens the front end's ability to raise-up tremendously. The trigger is their (HK) match trigger and it is incredibly smooth. Thanks for looking/reading.

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